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My research interests are located in the interdisciplinary folds of anthropology, theoretical museology, material culture and critical curatorial studies. Inspired by my experience as a curator, my research probes into the sphere of cultural production to explore the politics of interculturality and representation, specifically through the history of museums, museum anthropology, ethnographic collections, exhibitions and contemporary art practices, with an empirical focus on the material, visual and performance cultures of Asia and the North Pacific Coast. My current research is orientated to contemporary culture-making and the production of space (material forms and social relations) on the North Pacific Coast of Canada. I’m especially interested in the local-global politics of intangible and tangible cultural heritages and the work of artists and curators, as well as other individuals, agencies and institutions, which are agentive in the constitution, consecration, acquisition and dissemination of indigenous and indigenized cultural forms and practices.

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